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Dealing with Reasons

How often are you irritated by others, because they give reasons?

Have you ever thought why do people give reasons?

Have you ever thought why do you give reasons?

The most probable answer you ll get is, to avoid the situation or to run away from the situation. And this may be because you may not be interested in doing something.

But the answer is simple and very straight, its just because everyone wants to Look Good. They want to have a good image of them on others. Even after knowing this people give reasons because its human tendency. Its being designed that way. Everyone wants to look good, Who the hell wants to look bad.

So what people do when they are caught in situation, for which they do not have way out? The very common thing they do is blame other. In this process of blaming other, focus shifts from myself on someone other. And its like, I am not good but the other is worst than me. So you try to convince that you are good than other person.

So how do you deal with person that gives you maximum reasons?

Here are some steps you can perform in this situation,

1) Never invalidate the person giving you the reason. Because your aim is not to invalidate that person, but to know the exact cause. And also remember you might be in his/her situation too.

2) Be aware of what you want to accomplish. Be aware of where you want to direct the person giving you the reason. Once you know what you want, you can redirect that person on the track you want him to go.

3) Ask questions, ask as many questions as you can to that person. In this process his doubts will be cleared, and his path will be clear to him too. Also next time he ll be thinking of giving you the reason, he ll think of all possible questions you may ask to him.

4) Give references of what you want to accomplish. Support it with an example.

These practices will take some good creative mind, to get familiarized.

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