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The POWER of mind

Sometimes, the best piece of advice comes from within us. But we do not take it seriously, and tend to ignore it. It is vital to talk to ourselves, review ourself on daily basis. We need to reinforce ideas, underline them in our minds, make them bold and keep affirming them.

It is important to repeat the messages of the dreams you want to transform into reality. If you want to be a good dancer or good singer or any one, it is important to send positive affirmations of how you are a good dancer and how you are a good architech to your mind.

Why are affirmations important? It helps  to focus on your gooal. It increases your determination. It fires your imagination on how you can achieve what you want. As you repeat affirmations, visual images of what you are saying form the recess of your mind and can be a great motivator.

Ensure that your affirmation is in the present tense, not the future, as th future is ambiguous, and there is no time frame. When you tell yourself what you want to be in life, you are mentally and emotionally readying yourself for it. Say it with feeling and sincerity.

As you keep repeating it, the fact slowly blooms into reality as you work consciously and sub-consciously towards it. But repeat it when you are free and not involved in something like dodging vehicles. It is best to keep it to write it somewhere as it is easly to remember, easy to repeat. Like: “I am getting healtheir everyday.”

After numerous affirmations over a period of time, the sub-conscious mind will accept it as your body readies to become healthy. Giving your mind positive affirmations is much better than negative self talk that most of us do. Use positive words. Do not allow your affirmation to ramble so make it pointed and specific.

Affirmations can help us repair our broken lives. It can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. You could repeat it numerous times a day. Just choose the right time and space. Calm down and be relaxed, as you need to concentrate on the thought while saying it to yourself. Affirmations are not like chanting that most people do when doing something else. When you are repeating affirmations, don’t do anything else. You could set aside specific times to do it.

It may help to write down the affirmations on the back of your visiting card or a piece of paper and put it into your wallet. Or pin it up on the board in front of your workstation. Read it numerous times. You will be amazed how you soon will be doing all you need to make it happen. Have patience. Many of uswould want affirmation to turn into reality overnight. It will happen but it needs time.

It may sound silly, but repeating a thought to your mind works. sometimes, there can be doubts and negative thoughts, But do not ever give up. Persevere. Slowly see the magic happen.

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