Posts The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect

The very thing you most want to see more of in your life is the very thing you need to give away. Want more credit for all you do and who you are? Be the one who gives credit to others. Spread it like wild fire. Give away what you most want. this will create a space in the minds and hearts of all those around you to give more credit.

Want more understanding from others? Be more understanding and give that our. Want more loyalty? Be the most loyal person you know.  Watch what happens. Want more love? Give more love.

Life wants you to win. Most people just get in their own way and sabotage their success. They let their fears keep them from greatness. They let their limitations become their chains. They become their own worst enemies. To get all that life want for you, apply the Boomerang Effect: Give out what you most want to see come back. It’s a gorgeous life you have in store for you. Just go out and get it.

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