Posts Visual Studio 2010 Cloud Development Overview

Visual Studio 2010 Cloud Development Overview

Cloud Development

On October 27th 2008 Microsoft announced Windows® Azure™

the comprehensive cloud environment from Microsoft. With

Windows® Azure™ Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio®

you can build, debug and deploy services and applications

for Windows Azure.

Windows Azure offers a scalable hosting environment for

the Internet, built on geographically distributed data centers.

It handles load balancing and resource management, and

automatically manages the life cycle of a service based on

requirements that you establish. With the service, you include

code specifications for the service topology, the number of

instances to deploy, and any configuration settings. Windows®

Azure™ deploys the service and manages upgrades and failures

to maintain availability.

The Windows Azure environment is designed as a utility

computing model, so that you pay only for the resources

used by your service, while benefitting from the reliability and

performance provided by the hosting environment.

Windows Azure Tools provide the means to create services

and applications within the framework of Visual Studio. That

includes a project model specifically for Windows Azure, as

well as the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio. With Visual

Studio, you can build a package containing your service, and

use Windows Azure Tools to deploy the package to Windows

Azure through the Windows Live Developer Portal.

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