Posts Major update to Tweet Old Post

Major update to Tweet Old Post

A long awaited update. Tweet old post has been updated to v4 now.

Checkout the latest updates

– You can have your own application name instead of  “Tweet Old Post”. That is whenever a tweet will be posted from the plugin it will show the application name you have configured in the settings. However it is bit difficult rather a lengthy process to create your own application name in twitter. Whatever application name you create it will appear under “via” in that tweet. For this you have to create an application in twitter and specify its “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”. Creating Twitter Application for Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin.

– Pages can now be included. Added an option to select what is to be tweeted (pages, posts, or both).

– Removed “.” and used “-” when adding additional text, “.” was causing grammatical mistakes if sentence was trimmed.

– Added option to specify number of posts that can be tweeted simultaneously. You can specify a maximum of 10 and minimum of 1. If you specify 4 it will pick 4 random posts and tweet it. So basically you can specify how many tweets you want at a time.

– Last but not the least, removed random time slot was causing lot of confusion.


 Note: Please update your settings once after updating.

If something is not working try following steps,

– Make sure “Tweet Old Post Admin URL (Current URL)” is showing your current URL.

– Click on “Update Tweet Old Post Options”.

– Try again.



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