Posts Is your life interesting or just irritating?

Is your life interesting or just irritating?

Life can be an interesting experience or everything in it can be a source of irritation, the choice is ours. We are primed by instincts to treat everything new or unfamiliar to be irritating, but only when we consciously condition ourselves to take interest in the unfamiliar, do we experience breakthroughs.

We must take intrest in each other’s perspective, which lead to empathy, which then leads to an understanding and thus a resolution.

Next time someone does something which usually would have irritatedus, let us step back and say to ourselves, wow, interesting, he or she has done the same thing again. Why does he or she do this, if I were to be in his or her situation, would I do the same? We will be less judgmental.

It is not what you have got, but what you do with what you have got, that makes all the difference.

Let us take more and more interest in the great variety that life has to offer and overcomethe tendency to become cynical that comes with viewing the would around us as irritating. When we take a lot of interest in what goes around us, I can assure you, we will also become more interesting to other people. Thus we will live more vibrant lives.

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