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Forget n Forgive

One day one of my friend asked me have you ever forgiven something bad someone did to you?

I thought for a moment and then answered I dont remember if I did. Then my friend replied that is the ideal answer which he expected. As he told me if you were able to answer this question or if your answer would have been yes then you had not forgiven.

If you had forgiven and you dont remember that is very good thing but when you remember that you have forgiven someone that does not mean you have forgiven you still remember that.

The base of any relationship in this world is Trust. You should be forgiving if you want a relationship to be long lasting any relationship. The moment you start remembering the number of you have forgived someone that will make the relationship more and more insecure. You will have revengefull attitude or rather you ll have a grudge for that person. And that hurts relationship.

So If you need to have good relationship you should be good at forgiving but not remembering what you have forgiven. So forget what you have forgiven for long lasting relationships.

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