Posts Are you a true buddy?

Are you a true buddy?

Here’s what it takes to be a friend in need…

There are some essential attributes that one needs in order to be a good friend. Are you someone who others can turn to for support when they are down or are that friend who can listen for hours together without complaining? So, what’s your friend quotient?


A true friend will never judge you. They will stand by you no matter what you do. They may ot agree with you, but they respect your right to make your own mistakes, have your own opinions, and walk the path you choose.


A true friend will be the first person to offer you a supporting hand whenever you need. They will just help you put things right again. They won’t dismiss your sorrow for whatever reason it may be or won’t consider it as non-important. They will know that it is important to you, and that’s all that matters.

Good Listener

A true friend knows how to listen. Really listen, without feeling the need to talk and turn the conversation focus onto them. They’ll hear what you say and will be able to let you express yourself without interruption.


A true friend will give you a safe place to be yourself. If you say or do anything wrong, that will not be discussed or mocked by them.


A true friend will help you find your dreams. they will explore your life and help you move towards what you really want in life.

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