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Laws of attraction

Have you ever wondered about people who seem to naturally attract

good stuff? They have no shortage of money, a circle of great

friends, loving and healthy relationships, great jobs, limitless

possibilities – everything seems to come so easily to them, while you

struggle and scrape by.

These people know the secret to living prosperously – and you can

learn it too! It’s simply a matter of changing the way you think,

feel and act – which will change the results you get in life.

Here are three major components of living a prosperous life:

1) Follow your passions.

Those prosperous people in your life do not settle for mediocrity,

have you ever noticed that? They likely have interesting jobs and

they aren’t afraid to try new things. Each day is a new adventure for

them, and they make a habit of squeezing every drop of joy out of

life that they can.

You can easily do the same by first giving some thought to the

things you feel passionate about. What did you used to love to do

when you were a child? What hobbies or creative pursuits do you enjoy

now? If you can’t come up with any ideas right away, explore! Try new

activities. Sign up for some classes and try new things. Let your

heart lead you in whatever you do, and before you know it you’ll be

living passionately too.

2) Believe in the possibilities.

Prosperous people know that as good as things are right now, they

can always get better. They believe in the limitless possibilities

that exist for their lives, and they quickly take advantage of

opportunities that come their way.

You can begin to adopt this same heightened awareness by expanding

your concept of what is possible for your life. Keep affirming that

your life is not static. Everything within and around you is in a

constant state of flux – nothing stays the same, ever. Learn to

embrace change, consult your inner guidance and take action on

improving your life, and you will automatically call in greater


3) Believe you deserve it.

Prosperous people have no doubt whatsoever that they deserve the

goodness in their lives. They are open to receiving all the blessings

and abundance they believe they deserve, and they gracefully (and

gratefully) accept.

You may not feel that you have worth issues, but ask yourself how

you react when someone gives you a compliment or an unexpected gift.

Do you express your thanks and gratitude, or do you try to refuse it

or dismiss it? If you are in the habit of turning away goodness in

all its forms, you might have an underlying belief that you don’t

deserve it. Start building a stronger belief in yourself and affirm

that you deserve much more than you have now. Express gratitude for

the blessings in your life, and when good things come your way –

embrace them!

If you keep up with these activities on a daily basis, you will

transform yourself into one of those people that seem to have a

prosperity magnet embedded in their brains.

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