Posts Why rooting is actually good for android device

Why rooting is actually good for android device

Does rooting android device causes any problem? Should I root my android device? Lot of people have this question. And after playing around with lot of devices, I thought of answering this question.
Rooting android

Rooting android


Lets answer some basic question everyone has when they think of rooting the device.
Q) Should I root my device?
A) Yes, you should root your device. It is completely safe to root your device. There are lot of benefits of rooting your device. The rooting methods available today are as simple as one click root and they also allow you to unroot. If you can find a way to unroot you should and must root your device.
Q) Can I unroot my device?
A) Yes, you should always look for rooting method which also allows you to unroot your device. This is important if something happens to your phone (not because of rooting but some other reason).
Q) Will I loose my warranty if I root my device?
A) Yes, you will loose your warranty if you root your device. But you can unroot and service center guys will not know if you have rooted it before. You should find a method to root which also allows you to unroot your device.
Q) Will service center guys know if I’ve rooted my device?
A) If you unroot your device before taking your device to service center, they will never know if you have rooted your device.
Q) What are the benefits or rooting my device?
A) You open up lot of options when you root your device.
– You can remove all unwanted crappy pre-installed apps from your device.
– Install custom roms which allow you to take full advantage of your device.
– Customize your device way you want it to.
– Stop unwanted background battery consuming service which you dont use at all.
– Overclock (increase processor speed) and underclock (save battery) your device
– and lot more
Q) Where will I get help to root my device?
A) The best place to get help to root your device is XDA forum. You should head over to xda, search your device and get started. If you find difficulty in finding a way to root your device, just drop a comment.
Q) I think, I should root my device after my warranty period?
A) Lot of my friends think that its better to root the device after your warranty period. But I think you should root your device while in warranty period. You can get service on your device in warranty period. Just remember to unroot your device before taking it to service center Its that simple.
Q) What are the drawbacks of rooting the device?
A) After looking at the good side of rooting lets see at the dark side of it. There are chances that you may damage your android device by doing something. Again remember just rooting and uninstalling bloatware does not damage your device.
For e.g. I remember the first day I bought Galaxy Note, I rooted my device, installed recovery and cleaned system and data partition. This cleaning damaged my mother board and my device was hard brick because there was bug in samsung that if you clean system partition it damages emmc (internal memory). I took my device to service center and said its not starting, Its having this problem after I tried to update and they could not figure out that it was because I did that.
I understand these are very basic questions, but these are important to help you get started. If you are stuck anywhere in any device. Just drop a comment and I’ll try to help you out.
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