Posts why 99.9% just wont do

why 99.9% just wont do

“When it comes to quality, 99.9% just isn’t good enough.” Is 99.9% a reasonable goal? What does it mean?

If all things in life were done right 99.9% of the time, this is what we would have to accept:

  • 1 hour of unsafe drinking water every month.

  • 2 unsafe plane landings per day.

  • 16,000 pieces of mail lost by the Post Office every hour.

  • 20,000 incorrect prescriptions every year.

  • 500 incorrect operations each week.

  • 50 babies dropped at birth every day.

  • 22,000 checks deducted from the wrong bank account each hour.

  • 32,000 missed heartbeats per person each year.

Suddenly the quest for “zero defects” makes a lot of sense!

So if you want something, and you putting in 99.9% of your efforts, it won’t just do.

If you really want 100% result you need to put 100% efforts

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