Posts Text editor options – Tip of week #10

Text editor options – Tip of week #10

Every good developer knows how to use his tools. He knows what can be done, which are the shortcuts, that’s the sign of good Geek. Knowing your tool is very important to get your work done faster.

In Visual Studio you can play around with the editors settings write from setting up your own shortcuts chaning font color, font size, selection color and many more things.

You can access the options of the Visual Studio from Tools – Options,


Some of my favourite settings are Line numbers, Selection color. You can change entire settings of Visual Studio from this Options menu.


You can see here you can also make changes which are specific to languages, you can use in Visual Studio.

Of all this my favourite one is the, ability to change inbuilt keyboard shortcuts. Some of the best inbuilt keyboard shortcuts are

ctrl k + ctrl d = indentation,

ctrl k + ctrl c = comment

ctrl k + ctrl u = uncommnet

ctrl k + ctrl k = toogle bookmark

and many more. Although you have complete control over these and you can change this as per your convinience.


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