Posts Team Building – exercise 1

Team Building – exercise 1

Yesterday I posted on Team Building, I mentioned in that post that I’ll post about the tasks one by one later. So here I am with the first task for my Team Building workshop.

This task is named “Rabbit, Archer or Wall”

– In this there are two teams.

– Each team has to choose the character they want to be they can either be Rabbit or Archer or Wall

– All the team members have to be same character, so the character has to be told to everyone in the team. The team here decides what they want to be.

– Both teams are given 30 seconds to decide who they are.

– After 30 seconds both team face each other and do the respective action.

– For Rabbit action is “Hands on ear”, for Archer the action is “Archer releasing arrow”, and for Wall the action is both Hands with the palm facing the other team.

– When Rabbit comes in front of Archer – Archer wins (Archer kills Rabbit)

– When Rabbit comes in front of Wall – Rabbit wins (Rabbit jumps over Wall)

– When Wall comes in front of Archer – Wall wins (Wall falls on Archer)

In this you can have 5 iterations which yields you the result.

Things team learn in this task,

– Communicating the character (action) to all the members.

– Improved co-ordination among team members as all the members are told to do the same action.

– Improved understanding among team members.

– Chance for team members to place their opinion, get togerther and discuss what action to perform.

– Improves teamwork and team comes together to achieve success and win.

I’ll post the other two exercises that we had very soon. Keep checking.

Njoy :-)

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