Posts Tackle problems in your sleep

Tackle problems in your sleep

It seems that at the University of Lubeck in Germany, people given a mathematical puzzle were twice as likely to find a shortcut to the solution after getting a good night’s sleep than the group that had not slept. Participants given the problem after sleeping didn’t have the same success rate as the group who did “sleep on it,” suggesting that slumber helped the problem-solving process along. Ground-breaking conclusion? Sleep’s important. Get some.

This is yet another wave of evidence indicating that rest, not work, is the basis for success. Unfortunately, the world’s population is brainwashed into thinking workaholism is the answer and minimizes or truncates quality rest. That is something I cannot fathom. It is so abundantly obvious to me that denying rest for your mind and body makes your thinking dull and your activity ineffective. Hopefully some day the world will realize that it is not how long and hard you work but how deeply you rest that determines success.

To this end, let me take it one giant step further. I have found that any hour of sleep between 10PM and midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight. If I can get to bed (with lights out and eyes closed) before 10PM, my “luck” improves dramatically the next day. Nature  supports those who are  rested, clear, alert and energetic. Hitting the hay by 10PM gets you the most beneficial sleep and with it Nature’s blessings.

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