Posts Supreme power that resides in you

Supreme power that resides in you

People often ask, “What is the logic of meditation? What is wrong with idol worship?” Gurus have clarified that there is nothing wrong, but it is limitation. And if God is everywhere, it is a denial of that truth to have to go to a temple to ffind Him there. If He is in everything, surely He is in me as much as in that place of worship. Why not seek Him within?

An idol is a representation fo the Divine. If a person is capable of understanding this, then there is nothing wrong in idol worship. When we are able to transfer our worship to the Ultimate, then where is the need to depend on a representation?

God is not confined in form or ritual, nor is He resident in scriptures, We have to seek Him in the innermost core of our heart.

It is felt that we prefer to worship Him outside us because it is possible then to isolate Him from ourselves. A God in the temple, can be safely locked up until one needs Him again.

idol worship has prehaps evolved out of this need to isolate Grod from our existence, to be accessed when we need Him, through prayer or offering so that we can come back thinking, “I have sacrificed, and surely I will get,” forgetting that what we have is also His.

In meditation the adoration is, therefore, directed to one’s own heart, to the divinity present therein, and byt hsi act of transcendental worship, the divinisation of human beings is made possible, to culminate in the ultimate achevement of total divinisation of the individual.

The message of spirituality is: “Look within.” This si the message of the Gita, this is the message of the Upanishads: “I am in the heart of every creative being. Look for me there. I am you.”

The ones who are aware of the divinity within would say, “Where religion ends, spirituality begins; where sprirituality ends, reality begins; where reality ends, bliss begins.”

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