Posts Strive for EXCELLENCE and not SUCCESS

Strive for EXCELLENCE and not SUCCESS

Why do people fail after getting success? This is the biggest concern of every successful individual, the fear of losing the success.

One of the biggest reason that the success doesn’t last long is, “People strive for success”. If you strive for success it won’t last long, on the other hand if you keep on striving for EXCELLENCE, success will follow.

In the movie, 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan, always keeps on telling Madhvan and Sharman to strive for Excellence and not for success. The movie very well depicts what happens, when you strive for success and when you strive for excellence.

Aamir Khan, has stressed on choosing a profession, in which you have passion. If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, you cannot excel. You may get success but this success doesn’t last longs. And this is where most of the people suffer. Many of the people choose profession just because somebody, most probably their parents, wants them to go in that profession. But this is not right.

If you choose a profession in which you have the passion, you will have fun, you will enjoy working, you will strive for excellence, you’ll be happy and this is what real success is.

So don’t run behind success, run behind excellence and success will run behind you

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