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Solution to iPods’ earbud problem

Though Apple has sold millions of iPods, nobady talk about it, but a sizeable chunk of the population lacks the proper cartilage formation to hold earbuds in place.

Well, technology created these problems, and now it has solved them too. An alternative earbud is now available in the US; it neatly solves all of the hearing, safety and fit problems fo the traditional disc-style earbuds. Instead of going in your ear, it passes the audio signal directly through your bones.

The Audio Bones are, indeed, interesting and are available in orange, blue, black or white for $190. These are bone-conduction headphone, meaning that they pass sound directly through your skull to your inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. The Sculpted plastic headband goes behind your head, hooking over your ears, so taht the earbuds, if that’s what you call them, rest just forward of your ears. In other words, your ears are left completely open. You can hear the music from your player; but you can also still hear everything around you.

There’s an immense cleverness to this design, and a long list of advantages. For example, these earbuds neatly solve the rudeness problem, because you’re not shutting yourself off from conversation. These devices also stay put, because no cartilage-wedging is involved. Hooking them over your ears holds the Audio Bones in place. As a bonus, Audio Bones are less tangly than standard earbuds. Only a song cord emerges, from the centre of the back of the headband-not one per earpiece.

The makers of Audio Bones also assert that one conduction is less likely to contribute to hearing loss over the years. and that this technology permits some people with eardrum damage to enjoy music once again.

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