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Sense and Sensibility

While there is a broad awareness of the concept of mind over matter, do we know where the mind is actually located? Our bodies, our thoughts and emotions, truly mirror each other. When our mind is at peace, our bodies look relaxed. Equally, when we are physically hurt, we become more prone to experiencing unpleasant feelings. If our thoughts and emotions, comprising the mind, are located int he brain, how does our body reflect what we are thinking? Is it possible that our minds reside throughout the body and not just in the brain? There has nowbeen extensive research on the presense on fhte mind in our entire body that suggests that the neuropeptides, molecules of our emotions, are present not just in the brain but everywhere in the body. While the brain remains the primary analyzer; our mind is not located there and is instead more like an information-processing field spread across the body. Every cell in our body is capable of feeling and expressing emotion. No wonder then, sometimes after undergoing an organ transplant, people notice sudden changes in their thoughts and emotions based on the patterns of the donor.

Once we recognize that feelings are essentially flet in the entire body, it is easy to appreciate how emotional problems can manifest into physical disease. As Marshal Glickman explains in his book Beyond the Breath, “Neuroscientists have learnt that there is a sophisticated communication network between the various cells thoughout the brain and the body. Every time we deny or block what we are feeling, we restrict the information flow to an area, resulting in the stressed organs becoming more prone to illness.”

Now, all life forms have their own intelligence, akin to this universal life energy flowing through our body. This intelligence forms the basis fo functioning of all aspects of our body be it the digestive system or neural connection or the hormone system. We don’t govern our body, the intelligence does. the interesting thing is that this interlligence spread across our body cannot tell the difference between an actual situation and a thought. Thoughts are treated by the body-mind as real and they bring about the same changes in the body-mind as an actual physical event. Thus, a genuine threatening situation or drifting fearful thoughts both have the same ‘fight or flight’ response in the body.

Further, emotions have the ability to truly engage the body-mind well. So, when these thoughts are combined with strong emotions, they have a deeper and stronger impact on the body-mind. This insight not only allows us to better understand how our thoughts and emotions impact us, but also offers potential leads on how they can helpful in healing ourselves and others.

Healing ourselfs requires us to be better aligned ot our inner intelligence, which in turn can create a smoother flow of the universal life energy through us. For this, we need to be aware of our thoughts and feelings at all times. We need to recognize that every time we are angry or anxious, not only is there a psychological impact on us but also a physical cost attached with it. Now, this is not about controlling our thoughts and emotions; but about becoming aware of them at all times. When we are conscious of our thoughts, we are able to notice our negative thoughts as soon as they arise and are then better able to put them aside. In this manner, they lose their ability to impact our body-mind in any isgnificant way. Simultaneously, when we notice positive thoughts and build on them without any attachment ot the results, they lead to healthier bodies. When these positive thoughts are supported by likewise emotions, they further strengthen the positive influence. That’s how the “Law of Attraction” and visualization techniques work as well. When we visualize ourselves to be healthy, abundant, calm and joyous, the neuropeptides carry those thoughts and make our body begin to feel and act that way. These techniques can be very effective in imagining and then creating a better future; they are actively used even by athletes to actualize their potential in a race or a game by visualizing a 100-meter dash or a perfect golf shot, several times in their minds, before the actual event.

Finally, we can use these insights even towards healing others. The body-mind intelligence present throughout our bodies is also connected to the universal intelligence that runsthe universe. That also highlights how, in some way, we are all interconnected through this all-pervading intelligence. Through techniques like visualization, supportive thoughts coupled with deep genuine emotions sent out to the universal intelligence, amnifest in reality in other physical spaces – even at geographically distant loccation.

Bringing awareness to a body part or another person’s illness galvanizes the intelligence to consciously address it. This is almost like radio waves traveling across long distances withoug losing the coded signal. In the true sense, this process is not about literally healing others; it’s about being present and becoming conduits of this universal enery/intelligence for willing recipents, who heal themselves. Needless to add, for us to bein a postition to help others, we need to first be in sync with nature and it’s intelligence.

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