Posts Secrets of Prosperity – Laws of Prosperity

Secrets of Prosperity – Laws of Prosperity

Just like there are laws that govern mathematics and music, so there are laws that teach us how to prosper.

Law 1: Sowing and Reaping. Scientists describe it as action and reaction. Economists call it supply and demand. Emerson called it the law of compensation – like attracts like.

That which you radiate outward in you thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life and affairs. Each of us is a magnet. We don’t need to force success and prosperity. We need to develop an expectant, prosperous state of mind that is magnet for all good rather than entertaining the tense, critical, anxious, depressed, unforgiving, possessive state of mind that is a magnet for all kinds of trouble and failure. Nothing can stand between you and the good you dare to choose.

Law 2: You have heard it say, “Nature abhors a vacuum”. It is particularly true in the realm of prosperity. If you want greater well in your life, start forming a vacuum! Get rid of what you do not want to make room for what you do. If there are clothes in your closet or furniture in your home or office that no longer seem right for you, give them away.

If there are people among your acquaintances and friends that no longer seem congenial – begin moving away. Often it is difficult to know what you do want until you get rid of what you do not. When you let go of the lesser, you make room for the greater. When you dare to form a vacuum, the universe rushes in to fill that empty space.

Law 3: The law of creation says:1. Have a plan, write it out and constantly expand it. 2. Mentally imagine the plan as fulfilled. 3. Constantly affirm its perfect fulfillment.

Law 4: Dr. Emile Coue first declared that the imagination is much stronger force than will power. When the imagination and will are in conflict, the imagination always wins. Spend time picturing what you want to happen coming to pass. Feel the feelings; get ONE WITH GOD.

True prosperity has a spiritual basis. God is the Source of your supply. Your mind, body, abilities, talents, education, experience, job or profession is all instruments and channels of your prosperity, but God is the source. You must do something definite and consistent to keep in touch with that rich source, if you want to be consistently prospered.

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