Posts Sarah Palin’s attitude

Sarah Palin’s attitude

It’s tough job, but someone’s got to stick up for Sarah Palin, the hottest candidate in the US election, Why is it such a surprise to some people that the Republican party has spent 90,000 euro on outfits and haridos for her campaign?

Are people seriously telling me that a vice-presidental candidate in the world’s richest democracy could fight a campaign wearing the wardrobe of a hockey mom?

No, spending a huge amount of somebody else’s money is something we expect of an ambitious policiticn and history suggests it’s rarely a vote-loser.

On the other hand, some of the things Palin says might be. Particularly interesting are the ‘facts’ that relate to environment which contradict documented facts. If Sarah Palin is elected vice-president next month, president in 2012 be very afraid.

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