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Pursuit of happiness

Some important tips to achieve happiness.

Stop Comparisons:

Social comparisons is a natural part of human behaviour. and it can be a healthy source of both motivation and affirmation. But taken to the extreme, social comparison can become and unhealthy, unhappy competition. Try not to compare your successes to others. It can be especially harmful if you are making material comparisons.

Share your skills:

Giving back to the community and helping others is linked to greater levels of happiness. Volunteering in your community can provide a valuabel social interacation, increase your sense of purpose, and make you happier.

Money and happiness:

Winning a million dollars? You couldn’t resist, could you? Winning a million bucks willl make you instantly wealthy, that’s for sure. But happy? Not so much. Because money won’t buy you bliss.

Take note of what’s good in your life:

Literally. Studies show that people who spend a few minutes every evening writing down what went well each day show a significant increase in well-being.

Give gratitude:

Write a letter of thanks to someone who has been particularly good to your or has had a profound impact on your life. Once the letteris written, deliver it personally to the recipient. If your gratitude letter has a long distance to travel, call the recipient to make sure it was received and tell the person on the phone how much you appreciate his or her presence in your life.

Happiness and the meaningful life:

Spend more time doing what you love. There is no mysterious, magical formula that you have to follow exactly in order to achieve happiness. Happiness is a personal, individual journey of self-discovery. What makes you happy is not necessarily the same as what makes your friend, your partner. or your son or daughter happy.

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