Posts One Dollar Story – Family is important

One Dollar Story – Family is important

There was a young boy,

One Day – In the evening,

the moment father returned from the office,

he asked a question to his father,

“Dad, How much do you earn an hour?” – said the boy

Father replied, “10 Dollars an hour”,

“Dad, can I have 1$ please?” – said the boy

Here you go!, Father gave 1$ to his boy,

Boy have a few notes in his pocket too, he then started counting,

It was alltogether USD 10$,

“What you want to do with this?” – said the father

Boy replied…….

“Dad, with this $10, I want to buy an hour of yours.”

“Can you come an hour early tomorrow, to have dinner with me?”

said the boy with giving $10 to his father.

Familiy is Important

We should not let time slip through our hand

without having spent some time

with those who really matter to us,

those close to us.

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