Posts Not getting deserved raise?

Not getting deserved raise?

You have worked hard and feel the raise you have got does not match your investment in the firm. Will the threat to quit work?

This is common in many organizations. But, it’s unethical and has a very slim chance of working. Do not lose hope, keep performing and adding value, and always remember to showcase your achievements. Do not stop enhancing and upgrading your knowledge and skills. It will come in handy during the next discussion. Remember; do not hound your boss with constant reminders. It would be good idea to track your performance thorough objective performance management. Setting goals and tracking achievements will give you the benefit. It is not said without reason, tough times never last, tough people do!

Your colleague who is not as hardworking as you, recently lands a juicy promotion, while you have been constantly overlooked. You feel cheated and demoralized. What’s the way out?

Favoritism in the workplace is certainly very common and an inevitable fact of working life. Sometimes the boss may not be aware of the preferential treatment meted out to someone. It could be due to the fact that the ‘perceived’ value the person adds is considered higher than what your value addition is. the best way to tackle such a situation is,

– Compare the performance of the ‘favorite employee’ to that of your performance and check if you stand out in terms of performance.

– Peak to colleagues, check if they too feel the same way.

– If there is adequate/substantial proof that the promotion is not due to work and performance related factors, involve the HR. Get valid, relevant performance data and collectively present the case. Post appraisals, there is a window period during which you can highlight your grievance to HR, use the forum to highlight your concerns.

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