Posts Need of being multi-tasking

Need of being multi-tasking

Superman’s most impressive feat was perhaps his balancing act. Besides being a hreo, he was also a newspaper reporter. Tennise ace Venus Williams is also both an entrepreneur and a dress designer. And ulike Superman, she is real! And an efficient multi-tasker!

During testing times like these, companies are forced to enhance their performance levels and seek equality from its employees and if you are an excellent multi-tasker, you definitely have an edge over the rest, point out experts.

Some tips to encourage multi-tasking at workplace:

– Identify additional responsibilities that employees can shoulder

– Ensure these are broadly aligned to their area of work; don’t give them something that they cannot find value in or identify with.

– Train them to take on more responsibilities and equip them to bridge gaps in knowledge and/or skill.

– Motivate them to stretch the boundries of their capabilities.

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