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Muliple identities in you

An old man died disappointed in life. He was honest and could not tolerate dishonest people. When he met the Lord in heaven, he asked, If human beings are your creation, then all of them are your children. Why are there so many differences amongst them God replied kindly: Each person who is born on this earth has a unique message to offer to the world. It is only through these lessons one understands life and godliness.

When people tell lies, it implies that things are not as they seem. Learn to look behind the facade. When someone dies, it reminds us that nothing is permanent. Life is impermanent. So dont take life for granted. When one criticises you, it teaches that no two people are alike. When someone breaks your heart, it teaches you that loving someone does not always mean that love will come back to you the way you want it to. When someone cheats you, it teaches you that the root cause of evil is greed. Even good deeds offer their own messages. Hence, the world is like a university teaching us in unique ways always. Let your life be one of learning. Learn to do everything with love and devotion . Be grateful for everything. Then you will receive Divine Grace. This is the law of life.

With devotion, your third eye or intuitive eye opens, and you would see many meaningful coincidences occurring in your life. You will see the hand of God blessing you in mysterious ways. We might think we are individuals ; actually we are a collection of many identities. The one in you who listens to me is different ; the one that creates problems is different. I am a father, with reference to my son, a son with reference to my father, and a boss with reference to my employee. Therefore there are several identities in one individual. How to achieve a balance with so many identities How to transform the negative ones into positive

Buddha advised his disciples to move around with five seekers, so that their presence would impact the other. Ones purity would empower the other. Atmasmaranam or self-remembrance is an important aspect in life. We have to remind ourselves of the great teachings of enlightened masters. When we are forgetful, unconsciousness takes over. We have to become conscious and remember that we have to decouple ourselves with the wrong self.

The wrong self has its survival games. We have to see them clearly and understand . Observe how the wrong self is a function of the lower self and the game of life is to operate from the higher self . This is not difficult, but one has to practise with joy. Dont work for joy; instead, work out of joy.

Truth does not dis-empower. Whatever the truth, one should be able to see it. Truth does not operate in a way to please one. Truth reveals the facts of life. Do you want to be with fact or fiction

Further, we can unify all the various identities we have at our disposal. That is the alchemy that spirituality invites us to experience . We can do that only if every identity in us is driven by a principle . Be principle-oriented . The foundations of our lives must be based on goodness.

Every identity should be anchored on transformation. Transformation means growth. If all identities are transformed, then we become individuals. Or else, we would be like those seated in a chariot with each horse galloping in.

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