Posts Mistakes technical leaders make too often

Mistakes technical leaders make too often

If you’re thinking about getting into IT leadership or are already there, you might want to check out this list. These are the 19 mistakes that tech leaders make most often:

  1. Assuming the team serves you
  2. Isolating yourself from the team
  3. Employing hokey motivation techniques
  4. Not providing technical direction and context
  5. Fulfilling your own needs via the team
  6. Focusing on your individual contribution
  7. Trying to be technically omniscient
  8. Failing to delegate effectively
  9. Being ignorant of your own shortcomings
  10. Failing to represent the best interests of your team
  11. Failing to anticipate
  12. Repeat mistakes others have already made
  13. Using the project to pursue your own technical interests
  14. Not maintaining technical involvement
  15. Playing the game rather than focusing on the target
  16. Avoiding conflict
  17. Putting the project before the people
  18. Expecting everyone to think and act like you
  19. Failing to demonstrate compassion

Now this is a pretty exhaustive list, but can you think of any more? Or if you’re already a leader, are you or were you guilty of any of these? If so, how’d you turn things around?

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