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Mind over universe

Matter is bottled-up energy and when matter is reduced to its essence it is mind. Suppose you are to undergo hard physical labour; in that case your physical body will be tired. Even if you do only intellectual labour, say for 10 or 12 hours continuously, in that case also you will feel tired, and that tiredness will be not only of the mind but of the body also. You will feel mentally and physically tired or exhausted. So the human body is not only a material body, but it is also a psychic body as well as a spiritual body. Actually there cannot be any spiritual body. There is the physical body; there is also the psychic body.

The psychic body has several layers crude psychic, subtle psychic , supra-psychic and so many layers. But in the spiritual realm there cannot be any body. It is the witnessing factor, attached to the body. Whatever the physical body is doing, your spirit, that is, the cognitive faculty, remains attached to it, and knows and sees and witnesses what it is doing.

Similarly, your spirit is the witnessing factor of your psychic bodies, of what your mind is doing. When this witnessing faculty remains attached to a particular individual, we call it jivatma, or unit spirit. When it knows everything, anything, and everything of this universe, it is the Supreme Cognition . When the spirit knows only what a little boy is doing, then it is called jivatma or “unit cognitive faculty” and when that very Entity knows everything of this universe, it is the Cosmic or Supreme Cognitive faculty.

The Supreme Cognitive Faculty is Parama Purusa. He is Parama Pita, and the unit cognitive faculty is the jivatma. Here lies the difference between the Cosmic and the unit. The unit knows what the unit mind and unit body are doing. Nothing is a secret.

What is spiritual practice It is just the conversion of the unit objectivity into cosmic objectivity. When something is done, there are two main entities, the object and the subject. There is also the link between subject and object. The seen is the object, the seer is the subject, and then there is the action of seeing that links the subject with the object. There are three entities. Now where the object is limited, restricted and small, then the subject is the jiva, that is, the unit consciousness. This is an ordinary being. When the object becomes infinite, is converted into the Infinite , then the subject becomes cosmic . The subject no longer remains something limited, something unit. When you want to get peace, what should you do You convert your small objectivity into infinite objectivity; and that is the only way to get peace. There is no alternative.

Simply preaching the gospels of peace would not give you peace. You are to convert yourself from small to big. There is no alternative . Spiritual, or occult practice is a practice of increasing ones own psychic radius. When you increase your radius, it becomes bigger and bigger and the range of mind is bigger. When by increasing in this way, the radius becomes infinite, you become one with the Supreme. You become one with Parama Purusa. Each and every spiritual aspirant should know it and be infinite.

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