Posts Make new joinee member of your team

Make new joinee member of your team

A new member joining your team Yes,it could take time for the team to warm up to him/her but dont let this be a reason to make them feel left out.Its important to get acquainted with the person and make them feel welcome and comfortable.Remember,you were also a newcomer at some point.Think about what all your team members did then to welcome you.Here are some points to heed.

Be helpful and friendly:

She/he is brand new so try and be as helpful as you can.And this is not only regarding work,but also things like showing them around the office,telling them about the way the team works,keeping them in the loop about meeting schedules,timings of the cafeteria,etc.Help them with the smaller issues so that they can comfortably settle into their new role.**

Try not to compare:

If the new team member is replacing someone,especially one who was close to you,do not compare them.Remember,she/he is new and will take time to learn things.And if they dont meet your expectations,you are bound to start resenting them.Avoid that.**

Do not feel threatened:

Just because the person is new,she/he isnt naturally a threat to your position,even if they are more educationally qualified.Also,she/he going over the call of duty should not be interpreted as trying to get into the bosses good books.Being new,they will obviously go the extra mile to make a good first impression.Instead of de-motivating or reprimanding them,help and train them to do things the right way.**

Give them a fair chance:

Do not rush to conclusions about their ineffectiveness at the very first mistake.She/he is getting used to you and the team and vice verse.Yes,there will be habits that need getting used to but learn to be tolerant.More importantly,look for the positives in the new person and use them to help her/him fit into the team.

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