Posts KERS – The future of Racing

KERS – The future of Racing

The system, called KERS for Kinetic Energy Recovery Systerms, is designer to capture energy from the car’s movement and reuse it in power bursts instead of fuel. It is a key element in Formula One’s attempt to become a more energy-efficient and technologically and socially releveant sport.

KERS allows team to take energy generated under braking, store it, and use it again for concentrated burst. The KERS will be mandatory in Formula One from 2009. It is  a step towards making Formula One cars hybrid and more environment friendly by 2013.  There are two technical solutions to KERS – mechanical and electrical. A mechanical KERS uses a flywheel to retain power under braking; an electrical system, uses an electric motor. More powerful KERS will be allowed from 2011, and operate on all four wheels from 2013.

While some support the KERS, which will make Formula One cars more environment friendly, some are quite reluctant to introduce the system.

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