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Keep your promise

Choose something that you enjoy

Choosing the right thing is half the battle won. If you think you can get bored in the gym, you can enroll for a dance session or opt for sports like swimming and tennis .

Get yourself a partner

A good way to ensure that you follow your resolution is to find a like-minded partner. This will ensure you have company and also someone would be there to motivate you to keep it going. I needed to discipline myself, to attend the follow-ups for the Art Of Living meditation course that I had attended

Find alternatives

If, on a given day you cannot stick to your schedule, it makes sense to keep a backup plan ready. For instance, if on a given day you cannot watch what you are eating and have resolved to eat right maybe you can have a lighter dinner or decide not to use your elevator that day. This will certainly make you feel good and healthier.

Reward yourself

Celebrating small successes is the only way in which you can motivate yourself to stick to your resolution.

Be positive

Being positive and having faith in yourself is also an important factor that can keep you going. Having confidence that you will be able to reap the benefits of your resolution will definitely help you in times of distress.

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