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IPhone or Omnia

Most of people don’t know that the day Apple debuted its 3G Iphone, Samsung too debuted its latest version of the touch screen phone, code name Samsung i900 Omnia. Samsung has come up with something that could rival the Iphone!!!

Here are some of its specs:

  • OS: Windows Mobile
  • Display: Wide QVGA 3.2 inch
  • Has an accelerometer for landscape or portrait mode
  • Has handwriting recognition
  • Very thin @ 12.5 mm thick
  • Internal memory: 8 and 16 gigs
  • Will also feature a microSD slot so that you can expand your phone’s mem to 16 gigs
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Has GPS
  • Has MS Office viewer
  • Bluetooth
  • Opera browser
  • Wifi
  • Quadband with GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
  • Compatible with wireless carriers’ 3Gs network
  • Plays audio and video
  • Has an FM radio


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