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How to find fulfillment at work

Work can be heavenly, hellish or somewhere in between. No matter what the circumstances of your work, you can make your professional life more fulfilling. Here’s how you can do it:

– Try to broaden your vision beyond the job you perform. Find out as much about your company as you can.

– Volunteering for new and more challenging assignments as soon as they become available will help. Ask before your boss thinks of someone else.

– Ask your boss what can be done to raise the level of responsibility and creativity in your present assignment. If you want a more enriched job, ask for it. Make suggestions.

– Expand your capabilities, learn new skills. Enjoy the feeling that you can do your job as well as anyone has ever done it.

– Make use of opportunities to help coworkers succeed. Take newcomers and less experienced employees under your wing. Teach them everything you know.

– Think up ideas for doing your job better, faster and differently. This will pump you up, as will the appreciation you receive from your superiors.

– If none of the ideas above do the trick for you, and you’re determined to feel better about your vocation, start hunting for a new situation that meets your needs to grow while you work.

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