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How to evaluate developer in an interview

After been taken lot of interview, I just jotted down some points that you should look at while hiring a developer or an IT person. The following point may look vague and you may say how can we identify these things in the first interview, well you need to listen to the space around while you are interviewing that person and you will get it. You need to be extremely observant to observe these small but yet important points.

Here are some points which you should look in the developer before hiring,

Technical strength –

The person should be technically strong in the language or the field he is hired for. Should know technical jargon’s and should be able to deal with technical difficulties. Since this is for IT field person needs to be extremely strong technically.

Learning ability –

He should be quick in grasping things. He should have pick up things faster. You may wonder how you may identify this while taking his interview. However you can check his reaction for the questions he don’t know the answer of, does he/she asks you back? Or what he does.

How good is he/she in using Google –

Google being the best friend of any developer, you should also check out how comfortable he is with Google. You can ask him a question and if he is not able to answer. You can ask him what would you search if you are given Google to find the answer for this question.

How logical is he/she –

You need to check the logic of the person. How does he creates a logic for the problem. You should ask him to explain you what he is thinking, while finding a logic. This will help you to know how the person approaches the problem.

Knows the basic –

Basic is the necessity. If the person is clear in his basics, he’ll find a way out. He’ll know which approach will work and which will not. He’ll be good at what happens when kind of stuff which we get across almost daily.

Ready to put in extra effort –

Being in IT, you may require to put in extra efforts on you work. You need to identify if the person is ready for that. You should also take into consideration the distance between the office and his house, nearer the better. However if you’ll ask the person if he is ready to put in extra efforts his/her answer will always be yes, because he wants the job. So how will you identify? Ask him a question like you need to do a task and you are given very less time what will you do, and then check out his/her approach.

Dealing with pressure –

Pressure in IT is obvious! So it becomes necessary to identify whether the person can cope up with it. What will he do in if he is put into pressure the same question asked in the above point can also identify how will that person react in pressure condition.

Communication –

How good is the communication of that person. How well can he explain things to others. Is he polite is he rude these are few things to be noticed while interviewing.

Attitude –

Attitude is another important thing of the person. How is the attitude of the person positive or negative, how does he react when he gives a wrong answer? You need to have close look at the person.

Confidence –

You will also need to assess the person confidence, it will determine how fast will he grow, will he be an asset for the company?

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