Posts Happy Friendships Day!!!

Happy Friendships Day!!!

We all have someone who we noramlly turn to in times of trouble, someone special. We tell them all our secrets ans they tell us all theirs. It has often been said that true friendhsip is rarer than true love. However, as in any other relationship, friendship is peppered with equal parts of sugar and spice.

We may fight on small issues, sometimes even the silliest arguments can lead to a rift that may get too wide to cross. In most case a simple apology and a hug is enough to resolve matters, but action speaks louder than words.

Suppose one of your friends suffers from lying disorder. He would speak ill of you to your common friends and they would come and confront you. You decide to So what do you do when things go out of your hand with your closest friend?

Common friends often bear the brunt of such a fall out. Feelings of awkwardness emerge as they are inevitably forced to take sides, choosing one friend over the other.

The ultimate test of a friend is best summed up in the words of Elbert Hubard, “Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”

Here are some ways to Reconcile with a friend

– Know your own feelings.

– If possible write a note, call or sms

– Don’t actively avoid them at functions or get-togethers.

– When things turn sour with a family friend don’t sever your relations with his or her family

Here are some ways to Detach

– Don’t blame yourself

– Minimize contact

– Don’t react to provocation

– Wish well for that person and you will automatically reach closure.

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