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Great leaders rather great people have unrelenting commitment to getting better – no matter how great they become. It’s not about the money for them. It’s not about the fame. It’s not about getting on magazine covers.

It’s mostly about refusing to accept anything less than mastery as their standard. All great leaders, serial innovators, successful entrepreneurs and superstar creatives have that ever-present longing deep within their souls to do, be and see something special during their lives. Every single one of them has that fire in their belly.

You could call their insatiable hunger somewhat unhealthy and suggest that such people lack contentment. And you’d be right. The people who have provided us with the genius inventions that make things easier. The scientists who help us live with better health and longer lifespans. The human beings, who have allowed us the chance to witness beautiful art and wonderful music. 

Greatness arrives for those who are never satisfied with what is, no matter how nice it looks. Yes, one must find happiness in life. And we need to enjoy the journey. Many have gone to other extreme. Chassing happiness, inner peace and balance while leaving the natural instinct to create something spectacular at the side of life’s highway like yesterday’s road kill. In doing so, they’ve fallen out of balance. And missed out on one of the main reasons to be alove: to create. To shine. To be great.

Greatness arrives for hose who are never stisfied with what is, no matter how nice it looks. Each day and every day until you take your last breath. Feel like you are comin never that you’ve arrived. Strive for mastery and brilliance and excellence, in all that you do. You’ll join the realm of those rare individuals who reached the end feeling few regrets and little remorse. You’ll delight in the fact that you squeezed out the best from life and played our loud. You’ll feel that true sense of happiness that all of us aspire to but so few of us ever reach.

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