Posts Give yourself emotional high!

Give yourself emotional high!

ARE you ready to create a new emotional energy this year Try an extra shot of happiness , laughter and joy! Delete all the negative energy from your life. Ask yourself, are your emotional patterns stuck in the past

Its time to give yourself an emotional makeover for a happier you. This new year, let your feelings be your guide to a better life. Sure, everybody loves an emotional meltdown and angry showdowns! But, fact is, they are exhausting. According to Esther and Jerry Hickss book, The Astonishing Power of Emotions, People need to ask basic questions: Am I making myself feel good Just try to improve the way you feel. Change your experiences, by changing your emotions. There’s immense power in them to change your life and well-being , says Hicks.

So, if you’ve reacted to adverse situations with anger in the past, rearrange your energy. Its time to understand what you’ve been experiencing all of your life. Says spiritual guru Vikas Malkani, We often fight our emotions. Then we feel bad. We experience emotions as positive or negative , because of our personal choices and actions. Most emotions pass through periods of ease and difficulty . To live a better life, break away from repetitive patterns. Don’t manifest the same negative energies.

Can you feel your emotions and realise them In fact, Michael Sky’s book, Using Your Emotional Energy to Transform Your Life talks about how we make a muddle of our emotions . He believes, Even feeling good brings its own difficulties. Over-enthusiasm can cause various problems . People develop strategies for feeling less. We learn to deaden our feelings. Our success and failure in life depends on how we deal with constant flow of such energies. The more we embrace positive emotions , the more healthy, creative and successful we will become.

However, emotional intelligence is about not giving knee-jerk reactions . Quite unlike Gurpreets emotional outburst in Perfect Bride or Himesh Reshammiyas reactions in music reality shows. Says Claudia Ciesla, actor, We need to get rid of emotional baggage frequently. Certain emotions have power over us, like fear, anger, shame. We need to build our mental and emotional strength. In the Bigg Boss house, we were always on an emotional roller-coaster . It was a game, we were crying, laughing, sulking. We need to free ourselves from repeating behaviour patterns. Sure, negative emotional energy can be depleting and even trigger self-ruin . So, stop being judgmental on yourself! Raksha Bharadia, editor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul (Indian series) says, Emotions can be life-changing . People often confess how their emotions of fear or anger weaken the fabric of their daily lives. Yet, how many people stop the process of self-ruin Tap into your emotional energy, dont let it deplete you. Dont let your emotions work against you, but for you. Aditi Gowitrikar, actor: Well-being is about emotional control. Even when I was in Big Boss, I tried to be calm, not react out of anger, jealousy or ego. I can do this through yoga. If Im angry, I use the energy in something positive . Embrace positive feelings . Emotions are defined as energyin-motion . You can manifest negative emotions positively. For instance, shame energy can help strengthen your will-power ; guilt energy heals past actions; jealous energy can help you nurture self-love . Energise your emotions. Bangalore-based personality guru Vijay Bhat believes, Emotions give us access to a range of energies. For example, anger can be transmuted into determination (Gandhi) and sorrow into compassion (Buddha).”

Freedom from emotional disturbance allows us to feel better. Brahmakumari Shivani, spiritual guide says, Emotions are self-created . When we free ourselves of such disturbance we are able to feel better!

So, give yourself that emotional high!

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