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Free SMS Sites

Today is the world of MOBILE every one is looking out for free SMS sending sites, so here is the list of few SMS sending sites (works only in INDIA),

1) SMSKwik : This site allows you to send SMS with maximum 95 characters. you can add the numbers in the phone book and just write the name of the person from the phone book. It allows SMS to be sent to only one person at a time.

2) IndyaRocks : This is one of the social networking sites which allows you to even send SMS to the members of the site, group existing in the site and even to non-members of the site. Best part of the site is you can send unlimited sms to any number and character limit is 90.

3) Way2SMS : Yet another SMS sending website allowed characters are 90.

4) 160by2 : This site allows you to save the name of our friends so you need not remember their numbers to send the SMS, also it contains some of the template SMS which you can choose from. The character limit for this site is 80 and the rest 80 is used by them for advertisements. The limit for this site is 50 SMS per day and 10 SMS max to one person.

5) smsgupshup : This site is the most amazing one i am addicted to this site for sending free sms now, few of the best features of this site is it allows you to send 140 characters and even picture messages, it also allow you to add your friends to a group and the message you sent will be sent to all the people of their group without specifing even the name. But the drawback which i found in the site was, while sending personal messages i.e. messages to particular person you have to specify the number and not name, and you cannot make more than one group.

6) SMS : Another site to send free sms.

7) YouMint : This site allows 80 characters SMS to be sent.

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