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Five Points For Inner Beauty

Before you wish to become a victor and not a victim of life and before you wish to have a flight of celebration, ecstasy and joy, let’s understand the dynamics and mechanics of life and living.

The very reason for us being born again and again is due to the latent desire of the soul, which is to get free from the meshes and shackles of life. To be salvaged… to be liberated…

We subconsciously seek permanency in everything we do, achieve, and experience. The very phenomenon of a temporary world full of illusion, where the mind switches gears every nano second just wanting more and more, leaves us dissatisfied and disappointed. The speed of change builds stress.. The nature of change brings anxiety, hankering for fulfilment takes us in wrong directions. So our real yearning is for that which is constant. The bliss quotient can either be a conscious quest seeking the ultimate truth or it could be a calling from within.

Shut your eyes, withdraw your senses, disconnect with the outside and make yourself open and vulnerable for oneness with the existence, take a few deep breaths and breathe out equally deep. Now open your eyes and continue.. and the seeker become sought, as the famous sufi poet Rumi said, “I’ve been living on the lip of insanity, asking questions, knocking at the door… the door opens – I’ve been knocking from inside.”

To reach a point of total freedom breathing easy and relaxed, are you ready to fly? For starters, let us mingle with nature and its elements, like sitting by the sea and absorbing the energy of its waves; squatting in the garden and appreciating the creativity’s finest aesthetics; finding a quiet corner in a temple, and feeling connected within; lying down below the open sky and experience its vastness; listening to the chirping of the birds and tuning in with the rhythm of nature; inhaling the fragrance of fruits, flowers or mud and breathing out all the physiological, psychological and emotional toxins. Or simply shut your eyes in any quiet corner and start breathing in and out very slowly and smoothly in rhythm and harmony.

Breathing in the subtle and super energy and breathing out gross and subtle tensions and stress. You can do it for as long and as many times a day, till you completely blank out and empty yourselves, delving into your deepest recesses. Some call this meditation. These endeavours will release you gradually from the entrapments and you will be enslaved no more to life.. and your ticked to the primary flight is earned.

As much we need to be deeply relaxed in the state of restful awareness, we need to be extremely alert as well; which should be a perfect togetherness of dynamic stillness and profoundly passive alertness; to flow and cooperate with life and not react to it, respond and not giving resistance to it and not obstruct it. Then we become the co-creators of this existence, liberated with creative juices. This gives us extreme power of transformation alchemy. All transformations and transcendence happen in contrast of deepest relaxation and extreme alertness together; in this state one can experience immense sense of freedom, liberation of energy thoughts, words, deeds and infinite creativity making you the alchemist.

This gives you wings for a higher flight, a sense of freedom and a hope of never ending vastness which is the immeasurable potential of all that was, is, and will be. This is truly and simply, how great people become extraordinary quite simply, in the quest of simple truth!

Should you wish to have eternal wings to fly with ecstasy celebrating your own being and the being of existence cultivate these five points of inner beauty


Be unconditionally and selflessly loving and love even those you don’t love you.


Be kind even to those who are not kind to you.


From love to empathy, from wealth to service, and from forgiving yourself to forgiving others be magnanimous


Accepting life as it is with grace and responding to it with simply grace


From harmony to abundance, from bonding and creating joy of life to every aspect of life

This is a process and shall be achieved with the passage of time only if you attend to life in profound state of consciousness, witnessing it as it passes by without judging it. Difficult though, but certainly possible only if you will it.

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