Posts Firefox not displaying WMV video?

Firefox not displaying WMV video?

Last night I have been digging on how to embed wmv file in firefox. I was not able to see the video in firefox although I could see that in IE. Firefox was not displaying the embeded wmv video.

So I tried many ways and finally this one worked for me.

<object id=”player”>

<param name=”AutoStart” value=”true”>

<param name=”URL” value=” Tabackin.wmv”>

<param name=”uiMode” value=”full”>

<embed src=” Tabackin.wmv”name=”player” width=”420″ height=”366″ type=”video/x-ms-wmv-plugin” pluginurl=”” allowchangedisplaysize=”1″ autosize=”1″ displaysize=”1″ showcontrols=”1″showstatusbar=”1″ autorewind=”1″ autostart=”1″>



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