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Expectation Theory

I was thinking on the Expectation since my last post. I was wondering what formula would best evaluate EXPECTATION.  And here is what I could get,

Expectation = intensity of love in relation * time since relationship

The fact is “Everyone is good to you, till you expect nothing from them and You are too good to them only till you fulfill their expectations.” But it is human nature to expect. Every relationship, and i mean each and every right from parent child relationship have some expectations. The more close the relation more you have expectation. And more you have expectation more are the chance for it to be unfulfilled.  And this unfullfilled expectation is the root of all bitterness in the relationship.

So all you need for the healthy relationship is to control your emotions and more precisely control your expectation. The more expecation more are the chance of it getting ruined. And if you dont expect all you’ll get are surprises. And surprises will bring joy and happiness in your life. So dont expect anything and you’ll get new surprises more often.

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