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Do your emotions control your inner peace

Some people are very emotional, and other people . . . not so much. Those people who are very emotional tend to allow their feelings to take over and control their thoughts. Since our emotions prepare our body for some kind of action, when they are triggered, the trigger hitting the inner source is either negative or positive. When the emotions are highly tuned, they tend to create inner chaos when stimulated. Therefore, it’s likely that the person who is able keep their emotions from getting out of control will have a greater sense of inner peace.

To illustration this point, let’s say a mother is focusing on cooking dinner and she’s feeling relaxed and at peace. However, her son, who is helping her set the table, says to her during their conversation, “Mom, you just don’t care if I live or die!”

The mother’s emotions are immediately triggered, since her son is near and dear to her heart. She can’t help wondering why her son would feel this way. Her first reaction is to feel hurt and then, as her stronger emotions take over, she reacts with anger and their conversation quickly turns into a nasty argument.

As their emotions escalate, chaos is the result, which is one of the main reasons why so many people find it difficult to feel inner peace. Emotions and thoughts are complex. If your emotions do not automatically create a sense of quiet, then you will quickly become a victim of chaos and distress.

Inner peace requires quiet emotions and thoughts. To find your own inner peace, it helps if you learn self-talk that quickly reminds you to remain calm no matter what obstacle you are facing. Mothers often have a difficult time with this because they must care for self, while also thinking about their mate, children, and what they need to feel fulfilled. Thus, moms searching for inner peace would be wise find times throughout their day to relax for self.

The many problems we face each day can make it hard to find inner peace. Meeting financial obligations, dealing with your children, world problems, and other problems can often make it difficult to find quietness of the mind and emotions. One thing that helps is to minimize the news the media brings to you each day unless it has a direct affect on your life. Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders will never bring you inner peace because you have so little control over any of what is going on. So, pay attention, petition the government if necessary, or protest if you feel the need, but do not get trapped into being overly caught up in the things you cannot change.

Also, if you allow others to take up residence in your mind it will only result in causing emotional stress. Therefore, by taking control of your mind, you will not allow anyone else to rent space in your head, especially if they don’t trigger emotions and thoughts that make you smile.

Our emotions store up mechanisms that can destroy our inner peace, data that comes from the subconscious mind. This includes negative information such as jealousy, anger, hate, frustration, etc. all stored within the subconscious, which has a strong affect on our emotions.

Thus, taking the time for self-analysis is the best way to resolve any struggles you may have that allow your emotions to frustrate your ability to find inner peace. When we express thoughts and emotions, this reflection of our mind becomes public, and anyone around you will form their opinion of your character based on their observations of you.

Therefore, if you feel lost and unable to get a sense of your inner self, you could ask friends and family tell you exactly what type of person they think you are. This may help you come to grips with your self, and start you on the process of finding your inner peace.

Human beings are imperfect. Thus, trying to find perfection is a waste of time and energy. It’s always good to work hard at minimizing bad habits and behaviors, but never allow yourself to think you’re working towards perfection. If you do, then you can’t help but be let down and inner peace will never arrive.

Keep an eye on your impulses. If you’re the type that acts out every impulse, inner peace will be difficult to find since your emotions and thoughts control your actions, behavior and attitude. Impulses are responses to emotions that enforces action. If you tend to act impulsively in every decision you make, you will constantly be looking back at all the mistakes you made — not the best way to find inner peace.

Finding inner peace takes time, effort, skill, and the will to achieve. By staying alert to how your emotions react in every situation, you can learn to shift them into a path that will bring you peace of mind and a happier and healthier life.

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