Posts Decade’s Top 10 Internet Moments

Decade’s Top 10 Internet Moments

– Online video revolution in 2006 that led to a boom in homemade and professional content on the internet and helped reshape everything from pop culture to politics.

– Facebook opens to non-collage students and twitter takes off in 2006

– The iPhone debuts in 2007 and smartphones go from a luxury item to a necessity with an app for just about every aspect of modern life.

– American presidential campaign in 2008 in which the internet changed every facet of the way campaigns are run. Obama camp managed campaigns on web effectively.

– Iranian election protest in 2009 when twitter proved vital in organizing demonstrations and also as a platform for expressing dissent.

– Wikipedia, the free opensource encyclopaedia, launches in 2001 and today boasts more than 14 million articles in 271 different languages and bringing strangers together on projects.

– Napster shutdown in 2001, opening the file-sharing floodgates.

– Google AdWords launched in 2000 allowing advertisers to target their customers with laser-sharp precision.

– Craigslist, the free classifieds site, expands outside San Francisco in 2000, reshaping the way advertisements are placed.

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