Posts Bridging generation gap at work

Bridging generation gap at work


Bridging the generation gap is important to ensure a smooth functioning of the team. Listed below are a few pointers that might help in ironing the creases:

Be accommodative:

To begin with, do not typecast an individual, and do not let ego govern you, Its important to be accommodative . Neither of the groups are evil, nor is anyone at work to please the other. Its important to look at each other as colleagues and try to be accommodative of new ideas and work in sync with each other. At times HR initiatives like team building activities or a weekend outings also help break the ice.

Talk-it-out :

Effective communication helps resolve most differences. Whenever you are in a conflicting situation, its best to talk it out. Each generation comes with its own distinct attitude. Thus learning to communicate keeping in mind this distinction is half the battle won. Understand the need of the hour and arrive at a judicious conclusion ; it has to be a conclusion that will help accomplish the task effectively and not one that will massage your ego further.

Learning curve:

Each one has some inherent strengths and weaknesses and it is wise to benefit from each others strengths, If the lessons of experience can help solve a problem, why not adopt it. Or on the other hand, if there is a young professional who can tackle business much more effectively, why not appreciate it


Respecting the people you work with helps keep the boat sailing steadily. Do not look down upon seniors as patronising, old-fashioned morons or young professionals as the aggressive lot. As we wind up, learn to see through the negatives and respect their positive qualities.

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