Posts Benefits and Way to develop Motivation

Benefits and Way to develop Motivation

We must develop a way to motivate ourselves and “make it happen”. When you are motivated you are ready to take action.

**When we are motivated we get following benefits.


  • creativity – Once you become focused and motivated, creativity is a natural “side-effect”.

  • energy – People who are motivated need less sleep and possess more excitement.

  • health – When you are motivated, you have more reasons to get and stay healthy.

  • magnetism – Others are naturally drawn to winners and people who are constantly energized.

  • momentum – Building and maintaining momentum will breed more motivation and vice verse.

  • multiplication – Motivation and energy is contagious! It will spread like wildfire.

  • recognition – Others respect you for your achievements because people want to be associated with a winner. They will willingly offer their assistance.

  • productivity – Motivated people get more done. They move quickly, deliberately, and maintain a can-do attitude along the way.

How to Develop Motivation

We must keep our goals in mind daily through writing them or reading what we have already written. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily cycle that we make no effort to push forward. How many times have you said to yourself, “Wow, it’s Friday already?” Long-term goals get placed on the back burner and we simply react to whatever happens in our lives instead of leading the way. We may have been “busy” this week, but most times we haven’t accomplished anything significant. This will only make you feel worse which creates a domino-effect. Staying thankful of the things that you do have is a solid way of warding off negative thoughts and emotions.

Once we reach a major milestone, it is crucial to create a much higher goal and celebrate the achievement. In fact, it’s a good idea to celebrate the achievement before it arrives. When you do this, you put faith in God(universe or whatever you believe in) and yourself that what you desire WILL happen.

Are you motivated? What’s holding you back?

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