Posts Be Sunshine HAPPY!!!

Be Sunshine HAPPY!!!

What makes some people simile and stay sunshine happy, almost all the time? These optimists refuse to get crushed by bad news and spread the sounds of laughter and hope. They are all around us, trying to give those who’re sulking, frowning and sad, a simple lesson in the pursuit of happyness.

Most people are happy if their wishlist is fulfilled. But that’s not real happiness. It’s a ffluctuating happiness index which dips if they fall ill or experience heartbreak. Happy energy whouldn’t be dependent on outside factors, it has to come from within. There are people, who have everything they desire and are still unhappy. Choose your emotions and thoughts. Free yourself from past baggage, mistakes and regrets. Choose to be happy.

There’s something about being genuinely happy. Why should your happiness be dependent on tha global economy, your work environment or your spouse’s behaviour?

Moods sway from dark to happy for everyone. Everyone has the power to be totally happy, which is a cultivated art. Can you be really happy in tough times?

Optimism has nothing to do with the future, rather, it is a description of reality. The real definition of optimism was relevent in good and bad times, you just have to choose to be happy, despite whatever happens.

Live life to full, never pay attention to failures. Every minute whatever you do, you should enjoy by saying yes more than by saying no. Always have faith that’s the way to open doors. Once you decide you’ll be happy, that’s what you ‘ll create in your life.

For optimists all experiences are positive, as they bring new opportunity. Hence, happiness is a decision.

Don’t label situations good or bad. When unhappiness onfronts you, rather than running away, exercise the force of will to run through it. It’s not just in thought but in action too. If you have to experiment with new ideas, you’ll experience setbacks. you should not let it intimidate or overwhelm you. Have the will to be happy from inside.

The way to bring happiness is to work honestly and to share. Ther has to be a sense of detachment from external situations.

Work on happiness as a skill to be developed. Let happines be a learnt reaction. You’ll have to work at being happy. But it’ll be rewarding and bring you real joy.

Tell yourself every minute. “It’s in my power to be happy, no matter what!”

How to be Sunshine Happy,

– Don’t label situations or experiences as good or bad.

– Empower yourself to be happy.

– Look within for happiness

– Don’t get affected by bad news

– Choose your emotions. Keep saying, ‘I choose to be happy’

– Conserve your energy, don’t let people sap it

– If you’re hurt, don’t be dependent on anyone else to heal

– Don’t indulge in hurt

– Don’t be imprisoned in you past or have self-pity

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