Posts Be positive with power of positive thinking

Be positive with power of positive thinking

Power of positive thinking

Power of positive thinking

Admit it we live in a hostile world where all of us have a constant need to be accepted,loved and admired.Our fears,dislikes and outbursts are mostly mere manifestations of our negative thoughts.When you give out negative thoughts,youre most likely to attract more negativity in your life.

People often underestimate the power of positive thinking.We think how can I affect the outcome of my actions by just thinking in a particular way But have you ever thought about the fact that there isnt a single moment when you arent thinking and that every thing that happens,begins with a thought.

One positive thought can change your attitude towards a task,which in turn changes the outcome.Experts say that if you want to live longer,be happy,healthy and successful,thinking positive plays a big role.Easier said than done,heres how you can start…

Recognise negative thoughts as they arise and bury them before they take root.Dont let your emotions take the better of you.Imagine how youd look back at the situation the next day.

Hang out with people who think positive.When you surround yourself with people who are a delight to be around,you will start behaving like them,too.While negative thoughts attract negativity,positive people are very likely to attract positive thoughts.

Eat right and exercise regularly.When you look good on the outside,its easier to feel good on the inside.

Live in the present.Most of our negativity stems from past regrets or future fears I wish Id acted differently or I wish this doesnt go wrong. However,the present is the only time we have and living in it will make you happier.

De-clutter your home.And your life.Surround yourself with things that you love and things that make you feel good.Photographs of loved ones,plants,flowers,art,puzzles or anything that has value for you will make you think happy thoughts.

Be happy with what you are and what you have.Dont try to be some one you arent.If youre not satisfied with the person you are,identify what you dont like and change that aspect of yourself.Concentrate on what you have and not what you lack.

Have a goal in mind that you would like to pursue.Keep yourself busy in planning it out.It can be anything from wanting to go skydiving to winning a competition or pursuing a hobby.While not everybody may believe completely in the power of positive thinking,follow these simple tips and notice the impact it has on your life!

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