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Auto Code in Visual Studio

Today I went through one of the video that showed how to work with LINQ and while going through I saw something which I had seen many a times before but everytime I forget about that, but this time I remembered.

What I saw was the person who showed a small demo on the LINQ started to write something, in the class he wrote some 2-3 words and the code for the class appeared automatically. I used to wonder on how they do that so I thought let me check on that, you just write couple of words and you have your class ready with you. After doing some research on that here is what I have.

This is a small Add-on for Visual Studio called as AutoCode which helps you to create a shortcut for a piece of code which you use regularly. What it does is helps you to create a template for the most used code and set a shortcut for that, the next time you want to use that piece of code you need not write that code again all you have to do is type the shortcut you have set for the code that that code will be there. Amazing!!!!!!

You can download the Add-on from here. Also check out the quickstart that will help you to learn how you can start using the AutoCode Add-on.

So start using the AutoCode and save your time by saving the repetative code to be used by just a shortcut.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.