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Make the best of the opportunity

“As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters.”


Every day you have the opportunity to make it the best it can be. Do you take advantage of this opportunity? Are you greeting each day looking forward to all the goodness that it will present?

Or, do you wake up and think of the dread that awaits you? Do you cringe at the thought of going to work? If so, what a sad situation that is. Be grateful that you have a job – there are a lot of people who don’t have your opportunity. Look for the good and it will appear. Think of the bad and it too will appear.

Zig Ziglar calls the alarm clock the “opportunity clock” – it woke him up everyday for all the opportunity that awaited him that day!

How good will your day be today?

Be Well.

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