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A visit to Orphanage

It was August the 15th, our Independence day. The day on which we had planned to do something special, something different, something we haven’t done so far. So we started thinking about what can be done which could make us and others happy. And suddenly this idea popped up in our mind, to visit an Orphanage and donate groceries, clothing’s, stationeries etc.

So we started to plan, asking our friends if they would be interested, because we believed that more the people more we can contribute to them. And believe me this idea was damn good, every person we called up and asked agreed to this and made his contribution. So we started to find out orphanages which are situated near by. And we found some so we went there and fixed our appointment to visit them on 15th of August.

Now we had everything perfectly planned. Our appointments were fixed. Next we started to work on things to be bought to donate, and things to be brought from home. Since we had good number of people somewhere around 20-25, so the contribution was good and we could get good amount of things.

We bought pen, crayons, pencils, erasers, scales etc in stationary. We bought rice, lentils, wheat etc in groceries and we got clothes from our home. So the contribution made by us was good enough.

Finally the day arrived; it was 15th of August, our independence day. We had fixed our appointment at 2 places. We reached first place YMCA in morning. Gave all the things we got for them first and then had fun with kids. They had painting competition, essay competition that day. Though we were bit late we were there for prize distribution.


They had kids of age group ranging from 4 yrs to 18 yrs. And they distributed prize by dividing them in age group. It was just fabulous being with them. Even they felt very nice being with us, we played with them, and we appreciated their prizes and had fun.


After this we had our lunch because our next appointment was in the late afternoon. Next we went to St. Xavier’s orphanage and I was shocked to see kids of so less age there. I saw a kid of mere 3 months and another kid of a year and half who had undergone heart surgery. I was touched looking at these kids. We took them out in park played with them for some time one of the kid got so involved in us that he was not ready to let us go. He needed love, he needed caring. This is how we ended our Independence day.


I really cannot narrate my feeling how I felt that day. Looking at those kids we remembered our time. But, we were fortunate enough to have our parents with us, and we really felt the importance of our parents in our life.It’s very normal to underestimate the importance of our parents, we creep on them, shout on them when we don’t get what we want. What about these people they don’t have anyone to ask anything for.

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