Posts 4 skills of leaders

4 skills of leaders

#1. Protect Your Thinking. Fear-mongerers have come out to play amidst the meltdown of the global economic markets. The news is mostly negative. The water-cooler chat is mostly bad. The word on the street focuses on the worst that is. But what’s the truth? Yes, I’ll agree that these are challenging times. But I’ll also say there’s never been a better opportunity for you to be an excellent leader. Stay focused on the opportunities that have presented themselves to add more value to even more customers. Train your brain to block out the negative and work amidst the positive. Turn off the TV. Put away the paper. And get to work on presenting the genius that you are meant to be to the world around you.

#2. Take the long view. You will never go wrong in doing what’s right. With the turmoil out there, it’s easy to let go of your closely-held values and cut corners when it comes to ethics. The fast buck might look like an easy way out. A quick deal with the wrong person might look like a solution. Cutting corners on a product or service might look a little attractive. And yet, you will never regret sticking to your business and personal values – being the most ethical person you know. This tough cycle will pass. And your customers will love you for staying true to you.

#3. Outwork your competition. Hard work and constant forward movement is the formula for leveraging the difficult conditions into opportunities for greatness. I know that sounds a little “motivationalspeakerish” but I do believe it’s true. Few things get you to BIW (Best in World) in the work you do as working really hard and standing for brilliance in your chosen career. Leadership is all about doing what’s right rather than what’s easy. And what’s right is an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

#4. Stay Strong. No point in letting the stress and challenge of these interesting days ruin your health-or break your spirit. Tough times make great leaders. Maintain the champion’s mindset by reading uplifting books, associating with excellent people and making time each day to renew your self. Oh, and take good care of your health. Please. Now isn’t the time to neglect daily exercise. And those who don’t make time for fitness must eventually make time for illness.

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